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Our mission is to solve climate change by removing 1500 gigatons of CO2 from the air. Climate positive entrepreneurs capture carbon with their businesses, ensure healthy work and regenerate the planet. To really move towards scalable concepts, the valuation of carbon is essential. With Climate Cleanup we ensure that carbon valuation becomes part of the business model of entrepreneurs who comply with the donut economy.



Natural Carbon Capital Fund

With the Natural Carbon Capital Fund we offer investors the opportunity to invest in the new economy with Oxford Carbon Stock. Oxford Carbon Stock is an investment in carbon stocks in the nature-based economy. Oxford carbon stock is an asset on the entrepreneur’s balance sheet.

By buying shares in the Natural Carbon Capital Fund you are investing in carbon. Together with other investors, you are a shareholder within the limited partnership managed by the Climate Cleanup Foundation of the Natural Carbon Capital Fund. The Natural Carbon Capital Fund buys certificates from climate entrepreneurs.

Construction Stored Carbon

Method published

With the method Construction Stored Carbon developed together with the ASN Bank selling carbon is certfied and implemented in the MRA. 

Land Stored Carbon

Method expected in December

The method for regeneration through agriculture, developed with the provence of Gelderland and research institute Drawdown Europe will be published this month. 

Rock Stored Carbon

Method expected in 2022 Q1

The method for carbon removal through rocks and the mineral Olivine will be released in the first quartal of 2022. 

Oxford Carbon Stock

By buying Oxford Carbon Stock you are buying a share in the Natural Carbon Capital Fund. The fund buys new certificates every three months for the then current ETS price. The certificates are added to the Natural Carbon Capital Fund after purchase by an investor. Investors are investing in multiple carbon solutions from different sectors. The Natural Carbon Capital Fund also takes the depreciation period into account, by using the open source method ONCRA. Because climate entrepreneurs directly capture carbon with the investment, the investment contributes directly to reversing climate change

Oxford Principles

The Oxford Principles provide, among other things, conditions that you must meet as an investor before you can invest in the Natural Carbon Capital Fund. For example, an investor must first have made the investments to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. 





We need to get the carbon out of the atmosfeer in order to get an average living temperature of 15 degrees celcius.


– Melissa Oosterbroek, Natural Carbon Capital Fund

A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow.


– Kate Raworth

The ETS price is based on the cost accounting, this natural carbon capital fund is based on real carbon accounting.


– Sven Jense, Climate Cleanup

We can facilitate distributive growth and ensure the limitations of the donut economy by investing in Oxford Carbon Stock


– Melissa Oosterbroek, Natural Carbon Capital


17 dec 2022

ONCRA usage buyer event

Learn more about the residual value of Oxford Carbon Stock. 

14 Jan 2022

Launch Natural Carbon Capital

Get to know your peers and learn from other investors about the development of the new nature economy.

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